Gym Hair

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What Does It Do?

If you don’t have time to shower immediately after a workout, this is the product for you. Gym Hair is a spray made for application to the roots and scalp post-exercise. Once applied, it fights off bacteria and fungus, and leaves your noggin smelling great and feeling fresh until you do have time to shower.

Is It A Dry Shampoo?

NO. Gym Hair has been specifically formulated for application onto wet and sweaty hair, whereas dry shampoo is typically used on dry hair.   Plus, Gym Hair won’t leave you with residue or build-up OR that obvious white powder look.

How Does it Work?

Tea Tree (along with the other essential oils used) has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Witch Hazel is an astringent with medicinal properties that help reduce scalp oiliness and also soothes the skin. Gym Hair's perfect combination of these (and other) ingredients help inhibit the growth of bacteria/fungus/other smelly byproducts that come with having a sweaty scalp.

How Do I Apply It?

Shake before use. Section your hair and spray 2-3 times. Use your fingertips to massage throughout your scalp and hair. If you have oily hair, limit to these few sprays. Add more if you feel like it!

Do I Only Use this after a Workout?

Nope! Use this after the kid’s soccer game, a day on the boat, a round of golf, walking around an amusement park, etc. Our heads sweat on many occasions, and we don’t always have time to shower right away. Gym Hair can be used anytime you want to refresh your hair so you can keep going with your day.