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Magnetic Lashes
Magnetic Lashes
Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes

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Magnetic  Lashes! 

3 styles currently available to choose from!

Your lashes will be delivered within 1 week of ordering.  Maybe sooner, we are stocking some but due to demand they are selling quickly and you may have to wait until we get a restock (within a week). 


 Set includes Magnetic Eyeliner, you will need this the first time and the when you are running low on liner! 


Loralei's has a new product that you'll definitely want in on! 
Do you love lashes, but don't wanna pay that pricey cost of having eyelash extensions put on at the salon?
Do you love lashes, but don't want to fool with that tacky glue that literally gets EVERYWHERE?
Then girl we have the product for you! 

Introducing Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes! 
These are amazing! 
If you know how to put on eyeliner then you can do this! Its that easy!
Simply draw the eyeliner onto your lash line (try not to get on your lashes)
Then apply the lashes!  
At the end of the night when you're ready to wash your makeup off just pull the lashes off and wipe off eyeliner by using a waterproof makeup remover (which we also have available)
*These lashes can be cleaned by using alcohol to clean the magnet attached to them*
*These lashes can be worn OVER AND OVER AGAIN*