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Oil Pulling Mouth Wash

Oil Pulling Mouth Wash

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What it is

We combined our ultra-pure, chemical free, "Cold-Processed", coconut oil and combined it with therapeutic grade Peppermint oils to create the best oil pull on the market today. You won't be disappointed.

- Will not harm enamel on teeth like other acidic coconut oils
- Contains no toxic solvents, chemicals or fillers
- Will not harm fillings or dental work

Key benefits

-Whiter Teeth
-Healthier Gums
-Fresher Breath
-Draws toxins from teeth and mouth tissues

How to use

How To Use:
- Swish one tablespoon for five to twenty minutes.
- Spit in the trash can rinse, then brush teeth as normal.
- Suggested use: two to five times a week