About Me

 I was born and raised in Kodak, TN, and went to Pellissippi State, where I obtained an Accounting Degree and studied Business Law and Marketing. For the next 18 years, I worked in banking, making it all the way from the proof department to banking operations supervisor.   

In 2007, my husband Norman and I were hit head-on by a drunk driver in Townsend while riding our motorcycle. This accident was life-changing for us. Norman broke his leg (which now has a metal rod in it) and his thumb was crushed. 

I suffered a crushed hip, pelvis, ankle, broken femur, displaced knee cap, and a dislocated shoulder. After 13 surgeries and a whole lot of metal, a year in a hospital bed, doctors said I would never walk again. But after three years of physical therapy, stubborn determination, and the Good Lord, I was finally able to walk again albeit with a limp. I recognize that I am most definitely blessed to be here and often say He has something more in store for me to do.

Today my passion is helping ladies feel pretty by finding clothing, jewelry, and accessories that show off their attributes and personality. I try to make sure everyone is wearing something that compliments them! 

I love being a part of the Sevier County Community and love to help give back to our schools and the community as much as possible. My customers are like family to me, and I love seeing their kids grow up and being a small part of their lives.  

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn a little more about us. We hope you find something special to brighten your day!